Experience Wildlife and the Beauty of the far North.

Lake view Egenolf Lake

Nature Walks & Hiking

The North Seal is located at the very top of the transitional Subboreal forest. It is beautiful country easy to hike and explore, almost like manicured Parkland.

Wildlife Exploration

Explore our vast territory and see all the wildlife this area is teaming with i.e. bear, moose, wolf, otter, eagle, osprey and much more.

Egenolf Moose and Calf
North Seal Caribou

Charter a trip to the Barrenlands

Fly to the barrenlands to see caribou and muskox.


Whether you desire beautiful vistas and scenic panoramics, or our resident North Seal wildlife, you will have endless opportunities for World-class photography.

Osprey Egenolf Lake Nest
Polar Bear Tours from Ganglers

Journey to Churchill

Only 180 miles east of our lodge lies the famous and historic seaport of Churchill. Add a side trip after your North Seal experience and see its seasonal residents, majestic polar bears and beluga whales.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Feel free to relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of the North Seal with a kayak or canoe trip.

Kayaking the North Seal