Maps of our 7200 Square Miles

Ganglers Exclusive Fishing Territory

Miles of Your Very Own Ultimate Flowing Fish Nirvana!

North Seal River SystemWe have not yet explored much of this great territory that we exclusively fish. Much of it will remain that way. We take our stewardship of this great area very seriously and will take great care in managing the fish populations with our Catch and Release program and moving pressure around between lakes. This is how we sustain the fish populations and continue delivering the best angler experience in Canada.

Below is a map of our regional and amp maps that you can zoom in and explore. Select the satellite button and view the terrain.

Gangler’s Lodges and Outposts Locations

Gangler's North Seal River Lodge

Maria Lake Mini-Lodge

Stevens/Nicklin Lake Deluxe Outpost

Burnie Lake Deluxe Outpost

Bain Lake Deluxe Outpost

Clifton Lake Classic Outpost