We have had a few customers lament our blogging has been unusually sporadic this year and they miss the updates. We apologize for that ! We are having a great season, good weather, phenomenal fishing, and some great guests just having an awesome time. Busy, busy, busy. Just yesterday, Steve Movius and his boys ventured to one of our flyouts we just reopened after a 5 year rest. They slammed 150 fish per boat, most in the 32-38″ range, topped by a massive 43″. They are heading back today to explore the trout holes. Another family in camp went walleye fishing and got their fix in, with over 400 walleye measuring 20″ + between 3 boats. 12 year-old Patrick Povloski stayed behind with Grandma Mary and took ANOTHER 42″ pike right in front of the lodge. Aunt Leann is still hogging the spotlight with her 40″ laker but she took another 35″ yesterday. Patrick and family topped off the end of a perfect trip with one of our custom evening esker rides and another marvelous sunset. Weed beds are up, trout in the holes, walleyes hungry, and grayling rising. Fish stories around the campfire. What a way to close a very enjoyable 2017 season. Lots of stories to follow throughout the winter.