huge pike
huge pikeWe have a lot of history with Scott Sparks and his band of desperadoes. Led by ‘The Chairman – Jim Seal, his brother ‘the Reverend Leroy’ Tom Seal, Scottie, Chuck Lowe, Jed Sparks, Rich Petit, and Dan Herron. They were our very first guests for Ganglers, at Reindeer Lake in 1985 and are one of our favorite outpost groups. They have sampled several Canadian outposts – Ganglers and others – but their favorite is Bain Lake. huge pikeThey are avid fans of Bain and 2016 was their 20th trip! They always catch great fish and this year took a rare photo of a wolf swimming. Scottie sent us a short note with these photos –

‘Just a few highlights of our recent trip to Bain. Weather was rough but a great trip anyway. Seeing the wolf in the water was amazing. I told my wife in 1981 this was a once in a lifetime trip. This was my 20th time back!!!’huge pike

Scott Sparks

Bain Lake Fishery

Bain Lake is a exciting fishery, offering the largest water system of the Gangler’s outposts. It is a junction of 5 river systems as four feed into the North Seal. The North Seal enters at the Northwest corner, passing through to the Northeast and a large water body before continuing its journey to Hudson Bay. The Laurilla River enters at the Southwest tip of Bain, where just North of it the Fergus River enters on the southeast side. Belsham Lake and the Johnson River system join the North Seal from the south after it leaves Bain . To the North of that enters another large unnamed system. Add in the portage to Foord Lake and tip to tip, it seems like an endless waterway. Its diversity stretches from expansive shallow flats to rushing rivers to some of the deepest pockets of water on the North Seal. Home to big pike, huge lake trout, trophy walleye, and arctic grayling, it is an awesome system. You can fish a different section everyday and still only see a fraction of this system.

Bain Lake 2017

Popular Bain Lake manager Ken Poitras will be manning the helm in 2017. Ken is an extremely interesting man who can add so much ‘color’ to your trip. He was born and raised in Lynn Lake, Manitoba, a mining community in Northern Manitoba, the ‘end of the road.’ Ken grew up in the Northern Manitoba forest and his boyhood was spent trapping and hunting. To this day, he still traps and is an ace moose guide. He moved into a career as an educator, finishing up as a high school principal. For those who have enjoyed his company, he is a walking Wikipedia on the Northern wilds and will add so much extra to your trip.

Bain Lake featured the addition of new Yamaha 20 hp engines in 2016. Plans for 2017 include a new floating dock system along with a new docking system at the Foord Lake portage. A phenomenal waterway with camp and manager to match !