huge pike
Craig Annunziata is a familiar name to readers of the Current as a Ganglers guest of 10 years. He and his group always do phenomenally well with exceptional angling experiences. 2016 was no different !

huge pikeHey Ken,
I wanted to send you a note and some pictures from our trip this year.   As you know, Gangler’s has been my only fishing destination for over 10 years.   It’s never been anything but outstanding.   As I’ve done in the past, I could brag on the many trophies my groups have caught, the five star service we receive from your team year after year, and the gourmet food (and I’m not just talking about the shore lunches!).   But I’ve done all of that before.  All of these things are what other lodges strive for; but I have come to learn that they are only a starting point for Gangler’s.  Let me give you one small example of what I’m talking about.   We were fishing on a fly in lake that I’ve fished twenty times before.  It’s a small lake but when it’s on it produces monster pike in big numbers.  My record there is over 35 trophy pike in one afternoon.   My groups have also caught over 12 – 48″ plus pike there over the years.   huge pikeAnyway, it was over 80 degrees and sunny when I was there this year with no wind.   Not ideal fishing conditions to say the least.   We went to all of the hot spots on the lake and didn’t do very well.  We’d stay at each spot for about 15 minutes and the guide would say . . . “ no good, let’s move.”   After several of these stops, the guide started moving toward the middle of the lake and began studying the shoreline and different bays.  After about twenty minutes, I asked him what he was doing.  He remarked that “there are hungry fish somewhere and we’re gonna find them.”  He finally pointed the boat to a part of the lake that I’ve never been to.  The guide told me that no one had ever fished that bay before.   It was shallow on the entrance and deep once we got it.   Didn’t look like a good spot to me.  Well, what do you know.  We threw our lures and over the next two and one half hours we caught over 200 pike.  Not one trophy . . . but 150 of the fish were between 34 and 40 inches.  What was more spectacular was that every fish we caught fought like a trophy and “to the death.”  On nearly every hook set, we’d look at each other and say this has to be a trophy while the line unspooled for the second and third time. huge pike Nearly every fish we caught had two or three fish following it.  All the while, the guide was giggling like a 10 year old kid.  After we left, my fishing partner and I named the area “Alex’s Chaos Bay.”   You and your Dad give your guests the opportunity to have one of the best fishing and travel experiences in the world.   I now call it . . . Deja Vu All Over Again – the Gangler’s Experience.  Attached are just a few pictures from our trip.

See you next year,

Craig Annunziata

2017 Reservations

Reservations for the 2017 season continue to roll in. We have some great openings left at both the lodge and outposts so give us a call for specific openings. We have some nice specials including a great Prepay program to make your 2017 trip a reality .