North Seal River Lodge Menu of Lakes

At the North Seal River Lodge you could just fish Egenolf lake right off the dock in front of camp if you wish and catch fish. Most people prefer to see all of Egenolf Lake and her 2 portages (Dillabough and East Lakes). There is plenty of water to catch trophies in all 4 species for the Canadian Trophy Grand Slam.

Yet, we offer a menu for our guests to chart uncharted waters. Blaze trails to waters untouched by humans. You might be that sort of person that wants to explore new potential in other waters. Here is your menu.

Atimkameskak Lake –

A true wilderness lake that’s easier to enjoy than it is to pronounce. It became an instant legend when the first two guests to fish it shattered the Manitoba record for most Master Angler fish in a day with an amazing 46 trophies. From the fishing we’ve seen to date, that record could be broken again. It continues today to produces multiple pike trophies per day and is a favorite of many guests. Key features of this lake is its sandy bottom shallow bays where you can see 41″ to 50 + trophy fish, It also features rocky bays where big trophy fish hide and ambush your fly or lure. The main lake offers lake trout to keep you busy all afternoon as well. 1 boat available.

Blackfish Lake –

For those wishing to maximize fishing time, available also as a fly-out. 3 boats. This lake is a wonderland of structure and one of the most amazing in the system. It has shallow sandy bay with lots of grasses, drop offs, tight mouth deepish to shallow bays, rocky bays with big boulders, deep lake trout holes, rivers, flowage with massive impressive weeds and water falls. In the deep holes you will find huge and plentiful lake trout with some being blackish in hue – thus the name blackfish.

Belsham Lake –

Part of the Johnson river system which leads into Bain Lake. Here the walleye fishing absolutely the finest! 100 – 200 fish days are common and walleyes average 22″-28″. It is the North Seal River Canadian Grand Slam at its finest. Within 5 minutes of the boat launch, you have access to some of the finest walleye, lake trout, pike and grayling waters you have ever seen. An amazing mix of habitat. There are several areas on this lake we have never fished. 3 boats available.

Calder Lake-

One of our furthest North lakes, it runs just North of Slyszuk alongside the Robertson esker. Crystal clear waters and big pike make it a very popular fly-out. 1 boat available.

Clisby Lake –

A little secret gem, barely more than a widening of the Fergus river system. Huge pike, including some of the largest we have ever seen. 1 boat available.

Collister Lake –

Collister Lake is part of the Laurilla River System, which flows from Stevens-Nicklin to the North Seal. Unfished for several years, it awaits you, completely untapped, begging to be explored by you and your guide. 1 boat available.

Copeland Lake –

One of the last big lakes on the North Seal as it winds its way to the Hudson Bay. Copeland is a consistent producer of big, trophy pike and huge trout. It’s one of our guests’ favorite fly outs. This lake offers great pike structure with its weedy bays and rocky islands that have rows of weed beds for a pike ambush. In July this lake produces huge mid lake cabbage bed approx. 10-17″ deep where huge trophy pike congregate. Many trophy pike also enjoy sunning themselves on a northwest bay 3 foot weedy bay near the shore. Lots of structure to explore here. There also is a small population of otters that frolic on one of the islands here. Try to pull yourself away from the pike and trout and you’ll find excellent fishing for walleye and grayling. 2 boats available.

Firman Lake –

A small jewel of a lake, Firman lies nestled between two beautiful sand eskers. It is absolutely loaded with fat walleye and the big pike that feed on them. 1 boat available.

Fergus Lake –

Also known as Chornoux, this lake is one of the chain of lakes that make up the Fergus river system. Great trophy pike fishing and phenomenal walleye all about the lake. 1 boat available.

Duffney Lake –

An amazing lake, part of the Fergus River chain. This lake is extremely popular and for good reason, producing huge pike and walleye consistently.This lake has a 1 boat available.

Grimes Lake –

Shallow flats and large weed beds present the experienced angler with a bountiful challenge. The rewards on Grimes have been sizable, with numerous trophy pike, walleye and lakers reported. Still holds to date the lodge record for one day/one boat, almost 350 fish. 2 boats available.

H Lake –

Too many letters for the full spelling but what is important, this lake is loaded with Pike ! One of our guides swears he saw the biggest pike of his life in this lake (estimated at over 55”) and after seeing his knees shaking as he told the story, we know it is fact. Some lake trout have been caught here too.

Kiask Lake –

Our furthest south lake. A beautiful, pristine lake, like a smaller version of Sprott with crystal clear waters and pike, lake trout, and walleye to match.

Long Lake –

Available late season, a classic 18 mile long stretch of the North Seal which features the Grand Slam at its finest. Overnight cabin available. 2 boats available.

Lunney Lake –

Great pike lake, south of Egenolf, rarely fished. Dan Blanton and Lefty Kreh had their best day ever of pike fishing here. Hasn’t been fished for several years, ripe for the picking. 1 boat available.

Mistahi Lake –

When it’s on, a HOT pike lake. Lots of fish 32″-44″ and bigger, and lake trout too. 1 boat available.

McDennon Lake –

A beautiful jewel situated on one of our southern river systems. Pristine settings and prime habitat make this one of our personal favorites for big pike and excellent walleye action. 1 boat available.

Neekik Lake –

A little honey-hole 30 miles SW of Egenolf, full of big pike and absolutely loaded with walleye. Home to some real hawgs and the walleye actually sun themselves on the surface. 1 boat available.

No Name Lake –

Only 80 miles from Egenolf, on the Manitoba/Nunavut border, No-Name is a gateway to a world unlike any other. Situated in the stark yet beautiful Barrenlands, it is home to big pike, lake trout, grayling and the occasional stray caribou herd. 3 boats available.

North Seal River East –

A large, sprawling chunk of the North Seal as it descends from Sandy towards Bain. Lots of river to travel and lots to explore. We do not know much about it but it is definitely prime water !

North Seal River West –

A meandering of river and lake, red-hot pike and walleye action, particularly in the spring with higher water levels. 1 boat available.
North Seal River East –

A huge portion of the Seal, almost like four inter-connected lakes. Prime habitat for all four species – you never know what you have on the end of the line ! 1 boat available.

Sandy Lake –

Just south of Blackfish on the North Seal. A beautiful lake with gorgeous eskers. Pike and lake trout.

Slyszuk Lake North –

Like two lakes in one, the North section is separated fom the South by a rapids. Great Trophy pike and lake trout. This north end is an amazing river like flow structure that flows south. It has multiple amazing pike structures. Deep weedy section 10′, rocky shelf to the east in sections, a inlet from an adjoining lake, a sandy bay with lots of huge trophy fish, a deep 15-20′ hole with big fish and finally a waterfall pouring in with 50* pike, 1 boat available.

Slyszuk Lake South –

A long, skinny piece of water with big, fat fish – including pike, lake trout and grayling. Slyszuk is part of a large watershed that runs alongside the Robertson Esker into Blackfish and the North Seal. It hosts some absolutely breathtaking scenery and the numerous bays here never disappoint. Some of the bays have thin and sandy, weed ridden rivers that are loaded with fish, Back in the bays you’ll find weeds and many aggressive huge trophy fish. The rocky islands have many point where pike hide and some of the island create bays where pike pool as well.  2 boats available.

Sprott Lake –

One of our newest fly outs with an already devoted following. Dynamite action and size on big pike, walleye, and lake trout. Overnight cabin also available. 2 boats available.

Titof Lake –

It hasn’t been fished for a couple of years but a great lake that several guests patronized. Nice pike water and some unbelievable trout holes. 1 boat available.

Whitmore Lake –

The Southwest end of this lake is completely breathtaking and unique, looking more like a scene out of the Canadian Rockies. It has all four species, with a good population of pike ranging from 36-46″. Lake trout up to 40 lbs. have been caught with just limited angling. Whitmore has some of the deepest holes in the North Seal ranging from 100 feet to 200 feet and our last guests that fished lake trout there hooked into some monsters that could not be brought in. Some of the trout have been blackish from the depths. We have added an overnight cabin to this lake. 2 boats available.

Fly-Outs and Portages Details:

From the Boreal forest to the Tundra, 30 different lakes are presently offered – 26 via fly-out and 2 portages (Dillabough and East Lakes). The concept of the North Seal was to open this vast watershed with so many choices, the fishing would stay pristine and amazing forever! This area is exclusively yours to explore – no other lodges, long boat rides, no commercial fishing, just pure virgin fishing just like 100 years ago. Our state-of-the-art floatplanes await your beck-and-call, ready to unlock any fishing desire you have.

• All boats, motors, gas, and other equipment are already on-site.
• Fly-out prices range from $300 – $475* per person, depending on distance and other factors. Your guide will always accompany you.

* Prices are subject to change and this may not be current