In my last post, there was a photo of my marten friend poking it’s head in a tree. Well no more marten. My foxy friend had him for lunch. I know this because it all happened outside my window. The dead giveaway (sorry for bad pun) was fox with a tail hanging out of his mouth. Like a cat proudly displaying their mouse catch, foxy walked over to my porch to show me the evidence. I opened the window and said “ok yes you’re a great hunter, now go bury your prize somewhere else”.

The days are getting longer, now surpassing Winnipeg in daylight hours, to be precise by 17 minutes. With around 12 hours of sun, I’m able to generate enough solar power to be able to shut off the oil heater during the day and run an electric heater. I’m not sure why, but this brings me great satisfaction and I find myself greeting the sun in the morning with a sort of prayer as an act of gratitude. The same feeling happens at sunset when I am rewarded with the kilowatt hours generated during the day. The plan is for Gangler’s Lodge and outposts to eventually only use diesel generators as back-up and that the majority of electricity be supplied by solar power systems. This prospect is very exciting, not to mention the peace and quiet without a noisy generator running 24/7.
I have attached a photo of a beautiful late March Egenolf Lake sunset.