We feel the positives in regards to a decision on the US/Canadian border reopening are beginning to gain traction. While there is nothing concrete to report, several developments are continuing to trend in the right direction. Currently, Canada is still lagging badly behind the US in vaccination rates and roll-out although that is about to change. It is now estimated all US citizens who wish to be vaccinated will have done so by May with an excess of vaccines by late May so the issue will not be the US. Many experts feel the US will reach herd immunity within the next 4-6 weeks. Canada’s efforts are now beginning to pickup steam as 9 million doses have reached Canada by late March. Another 1 million doses per week will arrive in Canada April thru May and 2 million per week in June. All eligible Canadians are expected to have their first dose by June and full vaccinations by September and possibly sooner. The news from Canada is currently on the ‘downer’ side , Ontario has recently instituted a one month lockdown and infection rates in BC and other areas are being closely watched. But lobbying is now beginning to build on the current government as multiple sources on both sides of the border are calling for a planned phased reopening.The US Biden government has requested a May reopening although many feel that is overly optimistic.
Needless to say, the wait is agonizing for all. Our feeling is as Canadian vaccination rates continue to grow, cases will soon begin to decrease and there will be positive actions regarding reopening. We have always felt late April will be when this issue shows positive concrete steps forward.
It is not a question of if, but when, and we do feel we will be greeting guests this summer at our beloved North Seal.