Friday December 18th

Seven weeks ago today, Kevin and Cassie passed me the baton to live as a caretaker at Gangler’s North Seal Camp in northern Manitoba. After a couple of days briefings and info-packed instructions on the operation of the camp, they wished me luck, to stay safe and warm and to keep in touch. “You’re on your own so we need to know your still alive!”

Indeed, not many visitors at this time of the year. In fact, only three hunters so far have come through on their way to a caribou herd. Well the solitude suits me just fine and the serene peace and quiet are exquisite. A pace of life in slow motion and the concept of time taking on a different dimension.

So Ken asked me to start writing a blog about the goings-on in this remote neck of the woods. Weather reports, animal encounters, and general observations in this wonderful winter wilderness. Maybe even a poem or two.


-37 c early this morning. Light fine snow. Forecasting snow all day. I get my weather info from Tadoule Lake which is about 100 kms away, so it often doesn’t apply here. The temperatures though are very similar.  Today sunrise 9:23, sunset 15:39. Winter solstice in a couple of days, which is much more relevant in the north.

Last night I was treated to some northern lights. Not much color, but very bright. A giant thick and wide paint stroke wobbling right over the camp. These light shows are definitely a bonus of living up north and I will certainly be describing them more in this blog. Time to feed the birds.

Back from my daily walk, cut a bit short today as the wind chill is biting on my face. Hunkering down for the evening in my cozy cabin.