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Shuler pike

Shuler PikeWayne Shuler and Daryl Rohrbaugh are two of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Die-hard enthusiasts of the 'long rod', they avidly pursue their passion for fly fishing. One of their favorite species are Northern pike. We met Wayne and Daryl a few years ago at the Edison Fly Fishing Show when it was still in Somerset. They are now frequent visitors to our booth, even helping out at times and spreading the word. Wayne is an avid fly tier and constantly experimenting with fly patterns.  Shuler Pike One of his favorites is the bend back, a weedless pattern, that he has honed to a science. He has been very generous and given us many flies which we have shared with Gangler's guests. Many have caught nice fish on his flies! In 2019, Wayne and Daryl made their second journey to Gangler's, fishing at North Seal River Lodge opening week. They had an awesome trip and fulfilled many items on their wish list. Could not have happened to two nicer people. Wayne sent us a short note and some photos. If you stop by our booth at the Edison show next year, odds are high you will get a chance to meet them.

Dear Ken,

Shuler Pike"Daryl Rohrbaugh and I were hoping for a trip that might include some northern pike over 40" caught on flies. We only brought fly fishing equipment, so 40" pike can be a challenge. I had caught some pike of that size, but Daryl had yet to break that 40" mark on a fly, although he had been close a few times. We had set our goals high, hoping for a couple of fish of that 40" size on our flies.

The quality of big fish, and on some days the number of pike on flies far exceeded our hopes. We finished the week of fly fishing with 14 northern pike over the 40" mark, which was much more than expected! A few of the days we landed nearly 100 pike. We also landed 3 lake trout and some walleye while fly fishing for pike. The slow days, (2 days) when temps were cold were about 25 to 30. But most days were 75 to 100. We tried to count but fishing was often too fast to count, doubles were common.

Our guide ( Bernard ) was kept busy taking fish off. I felt sorry for him at times! Lol! The lodging, food, and transportation arrangements were all excellent.

Most noticeable was the friendly and helpful attitude of all the staff at Gangler's Lodge. I've had several good fishing trips to Canada, but this trip by far surpassed them all and truly exceeded my hopes and expectations!!

It's nice to know that a Canadian fly in lodge can cater to the needs of two 69 year old men, and provide such an exceptional fly fishing experience for us! Thanks."

- Wayne Shuler     York, PA

Wayne's Flies

Wayne Shuler is one of the most avid fly tiers we have met with lots of great tips, the result of a lot of research and experimentation. We wanted to share Wayne's favorite pike flies and how he ties a Bendback for weedless presentations. He used it a lot in the shallow reeds in early June. Here we have photos of his go-to Main fly that utilizes many characteristics of the Clouser Minnow. Another photo demonstrates how he bends his hook for the Bendback.

fly tying

"This is the fly we caught all our big pike, lake trout, and walleye on. It is a large version of a Clouser minnow. I use large black bead chain so it doesn't drop straight down. The hair is chartreuse over orange. I put red yarn in for a gill effect. I used Saber #7380 hooks in 6/0 for that fly.

The hooks I use for Bendback flies are modified saltwater bait hook. It's a 4/0 Mustad #92611. It starts with an offset, which I straighten.

Next, I bend the front three eighths of an inch of the hook down away from the point, but only a small amount so the front flat dissects the middle of the bend. Then all materials are tied on the front flat portion of the hook.

Also added gold and clear flash . I often add a head to cover threads. This a finished Bendback fly ... I also like some gill material on it, just my personal choice, may not matter. "

- Wayne Shuler, York, PA 


2020 Reservations

We're now into the Sub-arctic summer but that also means it's time to lock-in your desired dates for the 2020 fishing season. Many weeks at Gangler's have sold out or are filling up fast but there's still time to book your dream trip at any one of our 6 camps. Please feel free to give us a call (866-51-LODGE) or an email or visit to ensure your 2020 destination/dates will be locked in. It's been an incredible 2019 and in 2020 we intend to make sure your fishing dreams come true.



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