Ralph Pike


Photo- Stevens camp manager Ralph Lloyd with a great Stevens pike.

Whether it is your guide or camp manager, they are loaded with knowledge about our lakes and will give you insight into planning the perfect week of targeting species, or how to achieve the Canadian Grand Slam. Tap into their knowledge to ensure your trip is a great one!

Special Short Trips in 2019 !!!

The stock market is back to doing well, things are looking pretty solid, and you are starting to get the itch for fishing. It is currently a balmy 18 F˚ at the lodge, so spring MUST be on its way! Your only problem???? A crazy schedule, with limited time to get away. Well, we have a fix for that! Gangler’s has set aside certain trips, with great pricing, to give you a chance to enjoy the fishing experience you deserve. Whether with friends, family, or entertaining business clients, these spots are tough to beat.

North Seal River Lodge –

June 20-24  4 days fishing reg. price $ 5295, now offered at $ 4495 (2-8 spots)
July 1-6 (mid-day arrival) 4 1/2 days fishing reg. price $ 5395 now offered at $ 4295 (2-4 spots)
July 6-10  5 days fishing reg. price $ 5595, now offered at $ 4295 (2-8 spots)
July 12-16  4 days fishing reg. price $ 5295, now offered at $ 4895 (2-6 spots)

Maria Lake –

July 13-16  3 days fishing $ 2195 (2-6 spots)
July 16-20  4 days fishing $ 2995 (2-4 spots)
July 24-27  3 days fishing spot $ 2195 (2-8 spots)


Other Great Spots

Here are other great trips you still have time to take advantage of while they last. And don’t forget we have several special programs, including group discounts and family specials.

North Seal River Lodge –

7 days – June 15-22, 1 cabin for 4; July 6-13 for 4; July 20-27;
4 days July 12-16; 20-24; 28-Aug. 1.

Outposts –

Clifton Lake- July 13-20

Stevens/Nicklin- July 20-27; 27-Aug. 3

Burnie- July 13-20


Special Tip- Dress It Up !

It’s no secret that anglers have for some time added little ‘extras’ to their lures to add a dash of extra enticement. The old standard is the 3-4″ Twister tail, added to a large Johnson Silver Minnow or even a spinner. Pork rind and scented Power baits are another. We like another variation, using standard fly tying attractants, such as Crystal hair and Flashabou, added to the hook in 4-6″ lengths, to add a touch of sparkle. One extra tip- whether using fly or conventional- trim the material at different lengths to create more sparkle as the sun hits the material at various angles. This will really make a difference.