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Gangler’s Fishing Experience – Wanda Taylor

Gangler’s North Seal River/Churchill Experience with Wanda Taylor ‘The first of many firsts to come’   I didn’t know what to expect flying from Winnipeg to the North Seal River area of Northern Manitoba to Gangler’s fishing lodge. It was 6am and barely... read more

Pike Hunting with Capt. Frank

Combine prime shallow water pike chasing with a knowledgeable guide and host and you have the potential for a very special fishing trip. Frank Willets is one of the best guides we have ever met. He is the owner of the Pere Marquette River Lodge in Baldwin, Michigan,... read more

Bain Lake Fan Club!

Mitch Goldsmith and his merry band of desperadoes – Jamie Summerfelt, Sam Hawtree, and Biz Brackett- have been regulars at Bain Lake for many years. Between the gourmet meals Sam prepares to the many fine Single malts that accompany them, they fish. And they fish VERY... read more

2018 Fly Fishing Legends Week- Bob Clouser

Fly-fishing Legends Week has become a popular treat every year we have been fortunate to host it. Legendary names Lefty Kreh, Flip Pallot, Dan Blanton, Ed Jawrowski, Nick Curcione have all taken part. A great week, fishing the exclusive waters of one of the... read more

Late July = 50 Master Anglers !

Ex-Canadian guide Mike Borger has made quite a name for himself since he started And for good reason. He ‘walks the talk’, as they say by simply being one of the finest fishermen we have ever met – and we have met a lot of... read more

North Seal River Lodge

North Seal River Lodge boasts Northern Canada’s most amazing fishery. With a vast, complex watershed of over 100 lakes and 12 river systems, the variety and choices of over 30 lakes seem almost endless. A fishermen could fish with us for several years and never... read more

Best Pike Show Ever ?

  That is certainly a strong statement to be made by any film crew. It’s even stronger when made by members of Lindner’s Angling Edge, led by angling legends Al, Ron, and Jimmy Lindner. These people have seen almost everything there is to be seen.... read more

2017 Off With A Bang!

Running the finest, most remote fly-in fishing lodge in Canada is always interesting and every year is different. 2017 was true to form. Start with record high water levels. We have never seen water levels approaching these levels in our 19 years at the North Seal.... read more

Rockin’ Video – One Day at Ganglers!

Mike Pelletier from Hardcore Pursuits and his friend Shane were killing some time towards the end of a successful film shoot at Ganglers. With some free time to spare, we had our young guide in training, our son Michael take them to one of our flyout lakes for the... read more

Don’t Miss Ganglers on the New Fly Fisher TV!

Superlative ! Whether you are new to Ganglers or a vet, you will enjoy this show. We just finished previewing the first show of the 2016 New Fly Fisher shoot at Ganglers and it is as every bit as good as promised. The award-winning New Fly Fisher is renowned for their... read more


One of our favorite times of the year for fishing the North Seal is late July and August. This time has SO many pluses going for it. Weather is usually the most pleasurable and consistent of the year, pesky insects are almost non-existent, and most importantly, the... read more


Timmy Griego visited Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge last June with his father Dr. Robert Griego . They enjoyed a great trip and Bob sent us these photos of Timmy with some of the trophies he caught and released. Great fish, way to go Timmy ! There Is Still... read more

Best Family Trip – Ever!

Guest Ron Nandor is a veteran of decades of Canadian fishing trips including 10+ years to Ganglers outposts. He sent us this short note with a few photos to share . . . Ken, Just a note to thank you for a fantastic trip to Maria Lake! You know our family has been... read more

Valentines Day Bonus!

To all Husbands and Significant Others- The flowers were fresh and beautiful, the chocolates were delicious, and that special gift brought a sparkle to her eyes. Would you like to make it even more special ? We suggest the North Seal/Churchill Super Combo. This trip... read more

IN-Fisherman TV Manitoba Grand Slam

  When we received word that Doug Stange and the In-Fisherman was looking for a Manitoba destination to film the Canadian Grand Slam, the choice was obvious- Ganglers. The relationship between Ganglers and IN-Fish goes back over 25 years as they enjoyed terrific... read more


Because he just landed this monster pike ? That probably did not hurt. We think Stan Martin is smiling because his wife Vicki is also an avid angler. Together they share a love for the great outdoors. To add a twist to the tail 🙂 , she has a passion for setting IGFA... read more

A Great First Trip!

We met Roy DeCaro and his son Chris at the Philly Sport Show last winter. They were definitely dialed into a visit to Northern Canada and soon made plans to join us the first week of August. Both avid flyfishermen, they had  an awesome time topped by Roy’s big... read more

Is Shorelunch THAT good ?

Everyone who has experienced a fresh caught Canadian shore lunch will agree it is one of the finest dining experiences on the planet !  However, this big black bear took it one step too far.  One of our guests came back with these extraordinary shots of a very hungry... read more

Stevens/Nicklin Awesome!

Phil Rayburg and his group are experienced travelers who fish our outposts every two years. In 2014, they enjoyed a phenomenal trip to Burnie. In 2016, they chose Stevens/Nicklin, targeting the strong pike and laker combo with excellent results. Phil sent us a few... read more

Gangler’s NEW Churchill Super Combo

For those looking to further their Northern Manitoba experience with Ganglers, we have developed the perfect adventure. We are pleased to announce along with our partner, Great Canadian Travel, we have put together the Ultimate Northern Manitoba Experience. Beginning... read more

Bain Lake Forever – 20th Trip!

We have a lot of history with Scott Sparks and his band of desperadoes. Led by ‘The Chairman – Jim Seal, his brother ‘the Reverend Leroy’ Tom Seal, Scottie, Chuck Lowe, Jed Sparks, Rich Petit, and Dan Herron. They were our very first guests for... read more

Déjà vu – The Gangler’s Experience Again!

Craig Annunziata is a familiar name to readers of the Current as a Ganglers guest of 10 years. He and his group always do phenomenally well with exceptional angling experiences. 2016 was no different ! Hey Ken, I wanted to send you a note and some pictures from our... read more

July Fun At Ganglers!

Don Kimbril returned in mid July 2016, this time with friend Mike Kleber. They had a blast ! Ken, Just a note to thank you for yet another great trip. As usual, the staff was friendly and accommodating, the food was excellent, and the fishing was outstanding. I was... read more

Great Manitoba Pike Fly Fishing Video!

Great Manitoba Pike Fly Fishing Colin McKeown and the crew at the New FlyFisher continue to produce amazing video treats from their June 2016 expedition to Ganglers. Here is their latest for you on YouTube. Check out the drone scene with their boat surrounded by big... read more

Ganglers Featured In Aug Field & Stream

Ganglers Featured In Aug Field & Stream Ganglers North Seal River Lodge is now featured in the August issue of Field and Stream , both in the iconic magazine and online. The article covers a great trip enjoyed by Colin Kearns of Field and Stream with our good... read more

146 Fish Per Day!

146 Fish Per Day Guest Mike Murry took two trips with Ganglers in 2015, one with some old friends and later with his wife and another couple.  He returned a week ago with good friend Kevin Dodd  and enjoyed another great trip, averaging 146 fish per day per boat for a... read more

A ‘Poor’ Day- 100 Fish !

A ‘Poor’ Day- 100 Fish ! Kim and Henry Thiesen are experienced fishermen. They have been to numerous fishing destinations and we have been fortunate they have called Ganglers home the last three years. Last year and this, they are doing a June trip and another in... read more

400 Fish In a Day !

Guest Jerry Putnam has fished with Ganglers for over 20 years. So when Jerry has a day he deems special, it is noteworthy as he has seen many !  At our main lodge, the concept was to have  boats on as many lakes as we felt offered incredible angling. By doing so, with... read more

Maria Lake Master Anglers.

Maria Lake Master Anglers Angler/writer Mike Borger has worked hard to build up a solid and growing reputation with his website, blogs and now video. He is a VERY impressive angler and we predict will become an even larger presence in the fishing world. We hosted... read more

Future Hall of Fame Fisherman!

Future Hall of Fame Fisherman! 7 year-old Beau Grafton Jr. has it written all over him. Even at the tender age of 7, the lad is a fishing machine. Beau just finished visiting us with his dad Beau Sr. for a great trip at North Seal River Lodge. The boy is impressive.... read more

Open Water 2016 !

The first crew has arrived at Egenolf Lake via two Caravans. Everything looks great and we already have lots of open water with the rest of the ice broken up. We are excited and ready to rock for 2016 ! We have so many great things going on, our new Orvis program, new... read more

Hot Spring Action Ready to Start.

  June and ice-out brings hot spring action. Pike loaded in the bays, sunning themselves in clear water can bring the stoutest of fishermen to their knees in a froth of excitement. This is a great time for lures with slower action and a teasing presentation. Flies,... read more

An Incredible Offer- Global Rescue.

  Gangler’s is now able to offer our guests an exclusive program, a comprehensive medical assessment and evacuation program created by two leading companies in the field, Global Rescue and Orvis. The cost ? No more than a vanilla latte. Global Rescue is the... read more

Great Season Around the Corner !

  We can ‘feel it in our bones.’ The 2016 season is going to feature some awesome angling and we are eagerly gearing up for it. If you have not yet planned your 2016 trip, give us a call or drop us an email and we will help you plan your 2016 adventure.... read more

Another Great Trip!

  Ron Nandor and his family have enjoyed several trips to the various Ganglers camps. Their 2015 trip was simply excellent, perhaps the best of many great trips. Hey Ken, Just a note to thank you for a great trip last year to Clifton Lake. We’ve been to Clifton... read more